Clark Aluminium Boats

This letter is in regards to our use of Tef-Gel™.  

We have been using Tef-Gel™ in the fit-out of our Clark Aluminium Boats for more three years now as part of our strategy to combat the normal effect of oxidization and degradation caused by dissimilar metals to our painted boats.   The fit-out crew are extremely happy with the product and enjoy using Tef-Gel™; it is easy to apply and non-toxic.  There is no question of the added value it brings to the Clark Brand in terms of providing corrosion protection and extending the life and cosmetic appearance of our painted boats.

I think it would be a great idea for our Dealer Network to also have Tef-Gel™ on hand to use when adding fittings and fixtures to our painted boats for their customers pre delivery, and would only enhance the value Tef-Gel™ has already given at the production level. 

I look forward to our continued business together through the rest of 2016. 

Peter Curry

 Plasview manufacture a wide range of Boat Windscreens for Australian Boat builders and Boat owners.

Whether we’re fitting a canopy clip on a thirty year old boat windscreen or fitting the windshield on a new multi-million dollar sports cruiser, EVERY fastener has Tef-Gel™ applied before being used.

The couple of extra seconds spent using Tef-Gel™ will save countless hours and lots of dollars, trying to remove a seized screw or worse still, paying a repairer $100/hour to remove broken or seized screws during a service or repair.

Once customers are made aware of the benefits of Tef-Gel™, they just keep coming back for more and most of the time they’re not just using it on their boats. 

Kapten Boat Collars

Hey Claudine and Warwick

We are very grateful to you both for having such a wonderful product that truly exceeds our expectations. Tef-Gel™’s non-drying and water-resistant properties is fabulous for marine use, and we use it everyday on customer's boats.

The syringe applicator is fantastic, and makes it easy for first-time customers to use. It's wonderful. Highly recommend your product to everyone! I love placing an order with you, too, as you're both wonderful to do business with. 

Richardson Marine

We’ve been using Tef-Gel™ throughout our workshop for the last 5 years, including the fitouts of all of our Seacruiser heavy duty plate alloy boats.  It is an excellent product – we have no hesitation in recommending it. 

Leisure Coast Bait & Tackle

At leisure Coast Bait and tackle we strive to give our customers the best sales and service advice on all our products.

Corrosion is a massive problem in fishing whether it be electrical components in your boat, electrolysis form mounting stainless deck hardware to your hull or just the general wear and tear from being in a saltwater environment.

Tef-Gel™ has solved this problem entirely, mounting anything electrical in your boat coat the electrical components as you install and forget about it, the same goes for mounting all your deck hardware coat the screws or fittings with Tef-Gel™ and forget about it.  

It won’t crack or dry and you will get no corrosion especially when using two dissimilar metals.(e.g. stainless with Aluminium). But by far one of the best uses we have found here is the benefit of using Tef-Gel™ when servicing fishing reels. We service a massive range of reels here in our store every year from big tiagras to tiny little bream and trout reels.

Fishing reels in most cases cop a fair bit of abuse in the elements so to counter act this abuse when we service a reel,  any part of the reel that is exposed to the elements screws, springs, roller bearings etc will be given a thorough clean and on reassembling a  coat of Tef-Gel™.

Like the ad says Coat it, Fit it, Forget it. No matter how much salt gets packed in to the outer body of any reel and its screws if its coated with Tef-Gel™ get rid of the salt, and the screw will come out as good as when they went in initially.

Roller bearings and assemblies are a common problem in fishing and can quite often be the undoing of some good fish with the constant salt corrosion around this area, but with the use of Tef-Gel™ this is no longer a problem and I have personally seen this with my own gear. I would generally have to change my roller bearings every 12 -18 months but since I cleaned and reassembled them with Tef-Gel™ it has been 2 years and there is no sign of any problems and they are as free as the day they were bought! We have been using Tef-Gel™  on fishing reels for the last 3 years now and the longevity of the product truly is amazing.

If you’re serious about your fishing and boating and want to protect your investment I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough. It is truly a game changer in the Fishing and Boating industry.

Compleat Angler Maryborough QLD

Well I have had the privilege of using this product for over 8 months, through my reel servicing business. What a bonus! Not only has it saved my customers money and preserved the life of some parts of their reels that where lasting less than six months (due to the vigorous use of their reels) but has also given them peace of mind that the bearings are always lubricated. Well enough to give them the nice smooth feeling whilst using their reels.

G’day My name is Paul Hunter and I run a service and repair business in Hervey Bay for fishing reels and rods, and am also the Manager of Compleat Angler Maryborough.

I have been in business for over ten years now and have used a lot of products over those years in fishing reels. Yes the majority of these products have been purchased from the reel companies, but not all these products give you the same protection on certain parts. I started by using TEF-GEL™ on one of my customers Shimano Stella 2000, which he uses for heavy deep sea and shallow water coral trout fishing. He was having problems with bearing in the handles and line roller bearings wearing out or corroding quickly, (corrosion can be stopped by basic reel maintenance) also some corrosion forming on other body parts of the reel. I suggested that we give TEF-GEL™ ago on these parts and the body corrosion. Well it has been 8 months since these reels where serviced and he has not had any of problems that he was previously having and the body corrosion has been stopped in its tracks.

I have tried it on other reels and it is not suited to all reels, so if you are going to use TEF-GEL™ on your reels I would suggest not to use it on bait casters and small spinning reels, as the grease is very sticky and may mess with the smooth running of some reels. Any reel that used for simply trolling or bottom bashing I would recommend TEF-GEL™ for the added protection. I have put it on level winds of med to large over head reels and received the same success and nothing but good feedback on how the reel feels and the lack of wear on these parts.

Yes in some cases you may say he is doing himself out of money, but as a fisherman too, you need to have confidence in the products you use for reel maintenance.

So if you have any doubts about this product and what it says on the flyer, I cannot fault it and will continue to use it on my reels and on my customer reels.

Just a quick note, I purchased a tinny a few years back and the previous owner had put this and that on the boat and used screws, with no protection. Hence you get 2 different metals together in a saltwater situation and all you get is a whole lot of trouble, so I have now taken all the screws out of my tinny and treated every one of them with TEF-GEL™ and put them back. I also rubbed TEF-GEL™ into the affected areas and it has stopped it from spreading.

So if you own a tinny or service your own fishing gear I would suggest you have a very close look at TEF-GEL™ next time you are servicing or adding something to your boat. 

Anzor Fasteners

We carry the Tef-Gel™ product and highly recommend it to our diverse customer base, not only does it prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals but it prevents galling on stainless threads which is a common problem in stainless. Dealing with broad range of trades, we have had this product used on everything from the Story Bridge to screws on Canopy fittings on boats. 

Cannonvale Marine

Cannonvale Marine was established in 1973 & was purchased by the existing owners in 1993. We are located in the Whitsundays, North Queensland, Australia, & are agents for Quintrex Aluminium Boats, Honda, Evinrude and Tohatsu outboards.
Attached to the Business is a very busy service and repair workshop.

We first trialed Tef-Gel™ 15 years ago. Why?

We were disappointed with the existing, messy to apply products that weren't living up to their marketing claims. Corrosion problems were still appearing and paintwork was still blistering, despite our best efforts and intentions.

Tef-Gel™ was easy to apply – we use the syringes – therefore no mess. But would it over time meet our expectations?

It certainly has.

Commercially used aluminium boats that we had used Tef-Gel™ on, were still several years later showing no signs of paint blistering or corrosion around those areas where Tef-Gel™ was applied. We have been supplying small patrol vessels for Queensland Boating and Fisheries for the last few years and such is the success of Tef-Gel™, it is now a requirement of the Department, to use Tef-Gel™ when fittings are installed.

We use Tef-Gel™ in many other areas of our Business and only see positive results.
Disassembly of service components on commercially used outboards is much easier after having applied even a small amount of Tef-Gel™.

We also have many happy Customers who now use Tef-Gel™ with the same positive results that we have experienced.

I recommend to both Dealers and Customers alike to take advantage of the benefits of Tef-Gel™. Whether it be for Business or Private use, Tef-Gel™ will have long term benefits for all.

Bigboat Racing Team

I would like to thank Tefgel Australia for their support of the Australian Big Boat Racing Team during the construction and campaign of the 90 foot super maxi Nicorette in helping us reach our goal of winning the 2004 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

As a member of the project management team when it came to looking for a product to prevent corrosion for all of our deck fittings we had quit a unique challenge.

The yacht is constructed entirely of high modulus carbon fibre with the majority of the deck fittings being either aluminum or stainless steel. Then we throw it all into a salt water environment these factors cause the worst type of electrolysis and corrosion.

As a state of the art racing yacht it is extremely import that we do not experience corrosion and that fittings come apart easily for servicing.

We found the perfect product in Tefgel, it is very easy to work with and even after months we can easily take apart fittings and rigging for servicing.

Once again I would like to thank Warwick and Claudine for their support of our team and would like to strongly endorse Tefgel for any one looking for a product that makes your life easy in the most extreme of environments.


Built in Brisbane in 2000 this 12mtr vessel is constructed of an alluminium painted hull with a fitted outer set of tubes and cover.
The cover is attached via two sets of bolt rope rails attached with machine screws to the top of the bulwarks and the outboard planning strake of the hull. The bottom set of bolt rope rails are situated so that they are regularly exposed to salt water.

During the original construction the boat was built and fitted out using Tef-Gel™ anti corrosive lubricant including the fixing of the bolt rope rails.

Four years later during maintenance the outer tube cover was replaced. This required the removal of top and bottom bolt rails both port and starboard and all the machine screws.

The brief video clips below were taken by the crew during repairs.

SV ‘No Logic’

‘No Logic’ is a Nautor’s Swan 112, built in Finland and launched in 2000. She is a privately owned yacht and runs five permanent crew.

During my 5 years as captain we amassed over 65 000 nautical miles, which included 5 Atlantic crossings and a Pacific crossing. The maintenance involved in keeping a vessel of this caliber in premium condition is paramount. Therefore, only the finest products available are used throughout the vessel.

I was introduced to Tef-Gel whilst running a previous yacht in 1997 and have been continually impressed with the durability and effectiveness of the product, even under the harshest of marine conditions. It has proven to be far more effective than any other corrosive inhibitor available. With ‘No Logic’ we used Tef-Gel extensively throughout including all deck gear, rigging and applicable engineering applications. The maintenance time and replacement parts costs savings generated through using Tef-Gel has been extensive

Jim Chambers and Associates

‘Tef-Gel and the Garden Gate’

One of the problems with promoting a product that has longevity as one of its strengths is that it takes the customer so long to find out how long it lasts.

Our literature for Tef-Gel talks about how it

* Does not dry out and crack
* Will not wash away in water or detergent
* Lasts a long time

but such claims are always difficult to visualise for someone not accustomed to using the product.

So I thought I should tell you the story of my garden gate to help in this process. It is a common style of powder coated, steel rod gate that has some price sensitive hinges on it of the “rod-into-a-tube” type.

This sort of hinge, of course, is cunningly designed to collect anything that falls from above and keep it there.

The inevitable happened and rust formed inside the hinge and it seized up to the point where the hinge actually broke away from the gate.

I pulled the whole hinge off, cleaned it up and, before reconstructing it, coated the inside of the hinge with Tef-Gel. I estimate that this was done around 1997/8 and the hinge is still working smoothly, with no signs of any further corrosion. This photo was taken in 2004.


I have been in the Marine Industry for several years and have been introduced to a variety of products that claim to prevent contact between Stainless Steel and Alloy Fittings – however once they dry up and crack the electrolysis takes over.

TEF-GEL™ NEVER SETS ! – Now I use it for a variety of applications – even putting Stainless Steel Screws into timber to stop them snapping/shearing.

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